NEBOSH National Diploma

Graduating with a NEBOSH Diploma is a proud moment

The NEBOSH National Diploma is one of the most sought after health and safety qualifications available due mainly to the sheer amount of work involved to achieve it, as only those who are truly dedicated to acquiring it will be able to obtain such a prestigious qualification. This means that those individuals who do manage to acquire it will be held in extremely high regard and will have a health and safety qualification which not only can they be proud of, but will also be highly regarded within the health and safety industry and by prospective employers for jobs and careers in health and safety.

NEBOSH Diploma by Online or Distance Learning?

Any health and safety qualification over a few days' duration is a tough ask to complete by distance learning or sat at a computer wading through screen after screen. The NEBOSH National Diploma is no exception, and due to its size would take a Herculean effort to pass in this format. Whilst many companies will be only too happy to take a person's money and try and help them muddle through over a long period of time, reputable health and safety training providers such as Associated Training are more concerned with pass rates so do not offer this qualification via these methods. They also require potential Diploma candidates to hold a NEBOSH General Certificate or equivalent before enrolling them so that they already have a suitable level of knowledge upon which to progress to a Diploma. Again, many providers will take money for a NEBOSH Diploma from people who have no realistic chance of actually passing and achieving the qualification. It is for this reason that we highly recommend Associated Training for NEBOSH Diploma and other health and safety qualifications above all other training providers due to the methods of delivery and the fact that they carefully screen potential candidates before taking any money from them. This is extremely important as the cost of the NEBOSH Diploma, or any other health and safety course for that matter, is quite substantial and can cause serious financial problems for a person if they are accepted onto a qualification or a method of learning which results in them not achieving the qualification and then having to pay out again to go with another provider/method of delivery.

Next Step:

Advice on health and safety training

If you would like to find out more information about the NEBOSH National Diploma, NEBOSH courses in general or indeed any other health and safety training course then we recommend visiting the Associated Training website at and contacting them with your requirements. They will offer excellent advice and should be able to discuss the best options for you and what you want to achieve with regards to health and safety.

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